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Central Blood Pressure

The Uscom BP+ is a Supra Systolic oscillometric central blood pressure monitor which provides noninvasively 10 seconds of validated central aortic pressure waveforms, information only previously provided by cardiac catheters. The method to do this is both novel and patent protected. The Uscom BP+ also provides conventional and accurate brachial pressures and brachial pulse pressure… Read more

Cohero Mobile App

Cohero Health is transforming respiratory care through smart mobile devices. Their proprietary tools and technologies drive & measure engagement, adherence, and lung function. The current  product suite comprises: • medication inhaler sensors to track adherence // Class 1 Med Device • mobile spirometer to measure lung function // 510(k) Class 2 Med Device • mobile… Read more


eTect DRAFT Brief   eTect an interesting solution for pharma researchers.eTect DRAFT Brief eTect is a convergence of mHealth, Telehealth, and Social Media. We often think that we can rely on our memory to help us remember taking our prescription medications. But sometimes, due to busy schedules it slips our minds. Convergence of mHealth, telehealth,… Read more

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