The future isn’t always clear, so we need to be ready to meet whatever happens. But what do we know? Among other things, artificial intelligence is going to make a huge difference in all our lives. For another, healthcare is moving towards strategies that will enable evidence-based personalized care and precision medicine.

Future-oriented, consolidated imaging platform

Just like you, Agfa HealthCare is preparing for this future. The foundation is a platform that enables a synergy of imaging, clinical knowledge and information technology to deliver visual intelligence. This platform, Enterprise Imaging, was built from the ground up to be forward looking, combining a vast pool of learning and expertise with a fresh, innovative approach to the modern healthcare environment. Modular and scalable, it can support your hospital with a consolidated platform that eliminates information silos and unifies access to images. So it empowers both radiology and the enterprise in which it exists, facilitating an imaging strategy that is analogous with an EHR platform strategy, and making you, the radiologist, an enabler of the value-based care transformation.

Business analytics

Enterprise Imaging contains a wealth of data from all around your department and enterprise. Business intelligence tools and business analytics turn that data into rich operational insight. You can better understand operational realities, identify areas for focused improvement and help build efficiency gains. With a clear vision, patient care can be enhanced and unanticipated events reduced. Patient and referring physician satisfaction can be improved. And resources can be used more efficiently, with less waste.

Augmented intelligence

Looking beyond artificial intelligence, our developers are working to make our Enterprise Imaging platform serve as a foundation to enable machine learning and augmented intelligence*. What’s the difference? Artificial Intelligence tries to replace human intelligence. Augmented Intelligence works with and amplifies human intelligence. So our platform will serve as the intersection of machine learning and advanced applications, where imaging data sets are consolidated and normalized into quality data that can play a role in delivering evidence-based personalized medicine and achieving precision in medicine. Read more on Agfa HealthCare’s approach and the value-based validation of AI in medical imaging.