If a notified technology is considered eligible and suitable to progress, we usually start by developing a Medtech innovation Briefing:

The Medtech Innovation briefing is not NICE guidance and contains no recommendations or any de novo health economic modelling. Because of this they can be developed when the evidence base for the technology is still developing. The briefings provide a summary of the technology, its place in the care pathway, costs, resource impact a summary of the key evidence and some expert opinion. They take about 15 weeks to develop and publish.

Here are some examples for your information:
o MIB144 Noctura 400 sleep mask
o MIB107 SecurAcath

Once a Medtech innovation briefing (or health app briefing) has been developed, it can be used by a topic selection group at NICE to decide whether the technology should be selected for NICE guidance or not.

NICE guidance involves a full systematic review of the clinical and cost evidence, and a health economic model is developed. Therefore there needs to be sufficient evidence to enable a model to be built without so many uncertainties that it becomes uninformative.

The systematic review results and the health economic model are presented to an Independent Advisory Committee where recommendations on the use of the technology in the NHS is made. It takes a minimum of 38 weeks to develop NICE guidance, but it can take longer. Here are examples of NICE guidance on a cost saving technology here:

o MTG37 Thopaz+ chest drain
o MTG34 SecurAcath

Development of a briefing or NICE guidance is free of charge to the company. Companies can consider using the META tool to help identify any gaps in the value proposition. This is offered on a fee for service basis starting at approximately £2,000