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Odelle Technology is a consultancy firm specialising in Market Access, adoption, and reimbursement within the Medical Device and MedTech industry across Europe.

Market Access

Odelle Technology has an extensive track record in successfully creating Risk Sharing Agreements across Europe that accelerate market access and retain premium pricing against entrenched competition; achieve competitive differentiation and make a statement about the brand; develop additional insights into particular patient populations; and build deeper relationships with key payers and providers.

We specialise in presenting your medical technology to important decision-makers, using our vast network of contacts to create effective relationship maps that provide our clients with the best chances for success. We are experts in carrying out all the necessary groundwork for clients in the Medical Device and MedTech industry, taking care to present your technology in the most appealing way.

Using our unique methodology, we appeal to as many people involved in the reimbursement and adoption process as possible by travelling to the relevant countries throughout Europe, helping you make the best case to the various government and regulatory bodies. We have direct access to C-suite executives and critical decision-makers, allowing us to provide you with unique networking opportunities that lead to the national adoption and distribution within the relevant healthcare systems.

We can also help you create compelling, evidence-based arguments that support your business case, presenting these messages to stakeholders in a clear, appealing manner. Our team does this through the use of a powerful data visualisation platform designed to organise complex information into interactive relationship maps that appeal to all the right decision-makers.

As part of our thorough networking service, our team can also provide full support with the creation and implementation of a unique Market Access strategy designed to convince payers of the value of your medical technology.

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