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Odelle Technology is a consultancy firm specialising in Market Access, adoption, and reimbursement within the Medical Device and MedTech industry across Europe.

Our Team

Odelle Technology is made up of highly experienced professionals dedicated to supporting you through every step of the adoption and reimbursement process.

Steven Haken

Steven is a qualified industry professional with an academic background and has over 30 years of involvement in value-based healthcare. He has partnered with MedTech’s in the United Kingdom and Europe into risk-based and value-based outcomes and payments.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur and has clinical and business affiliations with many top-tier University teaching Hospitals in the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA. Steven has consulted and assisted Medical Technology organisations, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

He uses his unique industry insight and proactive approach to provide a professional, effective service to every client.

Deborah Rizzi

Deborah started her medical career as a Registered Nurse in Australia. Throughout her ten years in this position, she worked in numerous areas in both medical and surgical fields.

In 2006, she transitioned into Industry, working with both smaller businesses and Blue-Chip companies. This experience allowed her to gain a unique insight into the industry by exposing her to all sides of the medical device spectrum.

Deborah has extensive experience in bringing new products to market, and in helping clients secure the successful distribution of their technology. She also has a natural talent for building and strengthening long-term working relationships, allowing her to create a vast network of professional connections.

With her clinical and commercial expertise, Deborah has a depth of understanding unique to medical professionals, which combines with the business acumen from the device industry.

Cathryn Jordan

Cathy spent over 20 years working in the healthcare industry before setting up her own consultancy business in 2006. Her background includes over 12 years of clinical experience in hospital and outpatient care, as a clinical nurse specialised in Diabetes Education, training both patients and healthcare professionals across Australia. Cathy also worked for ten years in large international market research agencies as a Research Manager and Associate Director.

During the last 12 years, Cathy has primarily worked as a consultant, specialising in coordinating global healthcare market research projects and communication with global payer expert network. Some of her core domains of competence include innovative cancer therapies and medical devices and equipment. Cathy has also been directly involved in the development of global market access strategies and communication materials for leading pharmaceutical companies.

Cathy grew up and worked in Australia until 1992 when she moved and settled in France.

Louise Power

Louise has a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sales Management in medical devices. She is fluent in the French Medical Reimbursement system and Market Access system, facilitating our engagement with the French healthcare networks and its complexities.

Working face to face with the French National Authority for Health (HAS) and the French Economic Committee for Healthcare Products (CEPS) Louise walks a technology across all French authorities personally at every stage of the reimbursement process.

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