Recent Work

Royal College of Surgeons

Odelle Technology worked with members of the Royal College of Surgeons with 239 Healthcare Resource Groups (HRGs)  codes applications for new surgical procedure codes in the NHS. In November 2022, NHS Digital published a final summary of core changes from OPCS-4.9 to OPCS-4.10 and documents for implementation within NHS systems. OPCS-4 is a statistical classification for clinical coding of interventions and procedures undertaken within the NHS. The OPCS-4 is updated every three years to reflect current NHS clinical practice through the addition of new content as necessary to support aggregate data for statistical purposes and reimbursement. The OPCS-4.10 version will be implemented from April 01, 2023.

Oxford Innovations

Odelle is the entrepreneurs’ in residence at Oxford University Innovations for Biotech, MedTech and Digital Healthcare.

Leo Cancer Care

Developing, populating, and publishing models to support pricing access strategy and HTA discussion. Development of Key Opinion Leaders and commercially viable partnerships with Unicancer, Cancer Research UK, Comprehensive Cancer Centres Europe, European Academy of Cancer Sciences, National Cancer Institutes, European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology and their Institutional members. 


Development of treating patients in outpatient setting for OBGYN portfolio during Covid – 19 crisis and develop GP questionnaire with Oxford University Innovations for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding.

Smith & Nephew - Navio

Ensure Robotic Assisted Surgery becomes an Evidence-Based Intervention through a joint enterprise between national partners that may include but not limited to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, NHS Clinical Commissioners, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and NHS England and Improvement.

Smith & Newphew - Regeneten

Early engagement with the correct stakeholders at the optimal time to inform strategy development and support execution of launch. Identify the most relevant analogues for your assets. Analyse historical pricing and market access journeys and understand key decisions drivers for commercial access. Evaluate price and access potential for quick go/no-go decisions.


Odelle created a value analysis tool to help the Sales and Marketing teams in Europe communicate with procurement and contracts effectively and focused on development needs to fill gaps in the input data and so further strengthen their case from a health economics perspective. With an increasing need to identify additional spending with metrics of patient benefit, the wider application of a complete cost-effectiveness analysis has become necessary outside the usual expert base of health technology assessment specialists. Most importantly the tool was developed in close partnership with the users.

CMR Surgical

Strategic development of  market access plans and alignment of value proposition.  HEOR assessment and the development of engagement with commissioners and other optimal stakeholders to inform strategy development and support execution.

Teleflex Urolift

Successful petitioning for the commissioning of Urolift in the NHS through Medtech Funding Mandate in 2022/ 23.

Commissioning the UroLift procedure from Theatres to an ambulatory setting and being performed under LA. 


NICE – National Institute for Health and Care Excellence published a Medtech Innovation Briefing stating that our LTA algorithm could be an effective addition to standard care in assessing interstitial lung disease.

Takeda Pharmaceutical

Consultation and recruitment of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and GammaDelta Therapeutics Ltd, which led to the strategic collaboration to develop GammaDelta Therapeutics’ novel T cell platform, which is based on the unique properties of gamma delta (γδ) T cells derived from human tissues. The companies intend to use this novel platform to discover and develop new immunotherapies, with the aim of treating a broad range of cancers, including solid tumours, and autoinflammatory diseases.


Due to the COVID-19 effects on endoscopy backlogs, Cytosponge-TFF3 has been commissioned by some UK National Health Service (NHS) Trusts (e.g. University College London Hospitals), is implemented across 10/11 NHS Scotland Health Boards and a pilot implementation is ongoing in NHS England.

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European Market Access and Reimbursement for Eye Yon consultation, submissions, and negotiation processes. Proactively engage with Health Technology Assessment organisations and patient pathway directors, policy makers and payers , to co-create reimbursement and guidelines that benefit all parties.



Reimbursement and Market Access of remote monitoring for alert management and user/ payer -initiated interrogation. Introduction of novel hospital and primary care  workflows and care pathways.


EFA Technologies

Reimbursement pathways point of care CBC Creative Protein Europe and the UK.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

The Scottish Government has announced a deal with Vertex Pharmaceuticals for access to life-saving medicine Kaftrio on the day it receives its European licence.

The deal gives access to Kaftrio for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) in Scotland aged 12 and over with two copies of the F508del mutation, or one copy of F508del and one copy of a ‘minimal function mutation’.

Clinicians will also be free to start prescribing modulator therapies for certain patients with rare mutations covered by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s licensing decisions.

The announcement follows similar deals for access to Kaftrio in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, following a positive recommendation for the treatment by the European Medicines Agency in June. 

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