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Odelle Technology is a consultancy firm specialising in Market Access, adoption, and reimbursement within the Medical Device and MedTech industry across Europe.


Stephen Wilson

Sr. Director, Global Strategic Innovation at Hologic, Inc.

I have worked with Steven many times for numerous clients in various verticals and always find his energy and work ethic endless, his network unmatched, and his sense of humor priceless. If you are looking to launch an innovative MedTech product and/or service into EMEA look no further Steven will get you connected, validated, partnered and capturing market share faster than anyone I know!

Zaid Naji

Vice President International at AxoGen,Inc.

Deborah is a positive and passionate professional, who is meticulous in her work and the way she conducts business. She ensures that she fully understands the problem/need whether it be of customers or colleagues, and she always endeavours to find a solution that provides a win for all. This approach, added to her effervescent lightheartedness makes her a trusted and admired partner to deal with. She places tremendous expectations on herself, and challenges others around her to step up. Deborah has some truly rare qualities, but rarest of all in today’s world is an unwavering ethical and moral compass that always points to what’s right, and what’s fair. She has infinite courage and has never been afraid to own a result good or otherwise. A true upstanding professional.

Martin Wakeley

Chairman of Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS, United Kingdom

Steven is an extremely able individual that really understands the healthcare and technology sector better than anyone else who I have ever come across. He makes it a priority of his to not only understand his clients but also his customers and as such its a pleasure doing business with him.
Whether its market access, new technologies, generating opportunities out of thin air and merely taking time to think about the future then Steven is a star.
Not only that but he makes time for YOU which shows how unselfish he is and how he invests his time in others.
Make the time to get to know Steven and you will never regret it!

Tim Lewis

Medical Devices Business Leader

Deborah is tremendously customer focused with a strong work ethic and terrific energy. Her customer’s adored her because of this. She is a great team player and her continued success and positions of increasing responsibility are a reflection of who she is and what she does.

Ali Kerr

Human Resources Director, K&L Gates

Cathy Jordan is an excellent communicator, bi-lingual in English and French. Cathy’s background in the healthcare industry and successful transition to market research in the pharmaceutical industry point to her strong inter-personal skills and analytical capabilities, her drive, determination and application. Similarly in her personal life, Cathy has demonstrated those skills and capabilities, together with her adaptability and flexibility, by successfully carving out a new life and career based in her adopted country, France. Moreover, Cathy is personable, engaging and a pleasure to work with. Cathy’s down to earth approach, her trustworthiness and strong personal values, combined with her innate professionalism and dedication to delivering high levels of customer service and satisfaction, all amount to further strong recommendations and reasons to endorse Cathy. 

Stewart Barlett

CEO Ferronova

Steven has assisted me with European business development and product introduction on multiple occasions since 2014. He is an amazing networker resulting in him being the most well connected person I know. He opens doors in health systems, partners, and distributors resulting in win-win collaborations, and always does it in a pleasant and fun way. Great to work with. If you are looking at taking a product through clinical validation and launching in the EMEA market, Steven is the one person you have to talk to.

Marjon Wind

CStrategy | Change | Advisory | Circular Economy

Deborah’s enthusiasm is key to her success in the workplace. She leads by example and manages to create a great working environment. She is dedicated to the task ahead and will plan and organise her work meticulously to ensure deadlines are met.

Professor Rob Philips

Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientist, USCOM

Steven has amazing medical device contacts throughout the UK, Europe and into the US. He has an excellent understanding of the complex way in which the medical device system works. He also understands the re-imbursement processes in the UK and Europe. He is intelligent, hard working, honest and deeply invested in medical device technology and the connections which bring these technologies to market. He is a genuine facilitator and cares about outcomes and results.

Simon Tarry

Managing Director Smith & Nephew UKI Nordics

I have personally worked with Steven for a number of years. Steven’s insight, breadth of knowledge, intelligence and passionate sense of purpose are a huge asset to any project. In particular innovation adoption, tech incubation, regulatory frameworks globally and reimbursement thinking. And, he is a good man!

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