Two new MIR specialties of Spanish health

by Odelle Technology

The Ministry of Health reaches a “consensus” with the communities to expand the FSE.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has announced that a “consensus” has been reached with the autonomous communities for the deployment of the new specialties that will be incorporated into the MIR. After an arduous debate that has forced the creation of a working group to address the “controversies” of the titles, finally the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (SNS) has opted to unblock as a priority the future branches of Emergencies and Genetics.

The holder of the portfolio has insisted on her commitment to incorporate these two new disciplines into the Specialized Health Training (FSE) model nine months after the Royal Decree (589/2022) regulating the procedure and criteria for the new specialist degrees in Health Sciences was approved. However, a specific date for the final approval of the securities has not yet been set.

The Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (Semes) already announced in July 2022 its intention to present a proposal for the birth of the new specialty, after the Government agreed on the conditions to do so via decree. The institution seeks to address a specific sheet that allows the development of skills in aspects such as time-dependent pathologies such as stroke, cardiac arrest, heart attacks, traffic accidents and actions in catastrophes or incidents with multiple victims, such as terrorist attacks.

The specialty of Emergencies and Emergencies is currently present in 22 countries of the European Union, while in Spain it has been developed for the moment in the military field. The Senate Health Commission already approved a motion last year precisely to urge the Government to develop it, especially after the experience acquired at this level of care after the Covid-19 pandemic.

New specialty of Clinical Genetics

The specialty of Clinical Genetics is another of those that the Minister of Health has to carry out in the short term. The Spanish Association of Human Genetics, which represents 1,100 professionals in the National Health System (SNS), already started the channels also in July 2022 to favor the birth of the new discipline with the same objective of aligning with the trend of the European Union.

Its goal is to recover a discipline that already existed in Spain for just over a year and a half, until the Royal Decree on troncalidad of 2014 was annulled. Its proposal is to give a specific section to this area that addresses aspects such as the diagnosis, treatment and research of genetic-based pathologies such as cancercongenital malformations, intellectual disability / autism, fertility anomalies and rare neurological, cardiology, hematological or pediatric diseases.

At the same time, its promoters have also highlighted its role in the study and clinical application of genetic markers of susceptibility, prognosis and therapeutic response (pharmacogenetics) in most diseases.

These two new disciplines will thus be added to the latest specialties they have seen such as Legal and Forensic Medicine or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry that have already begun to distribute places in the MIR call.

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