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Odelle Technology is a renowned consultancy that supports MedTech, Biotech and IVD and DTX Diagnostics companies in entering the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe.

Our professional team has over 110 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, delivering exceptional service to clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

We have an impressive track record, with over 2,000 Health Technology Assessments Guidelines and over 2,000 reimbursed therapeutics through clinical codes in inpatients and outpatients in the last 22 years. We have assisted many clients with the creation and launch of their technology, helping them access local and national markets and attain National Standards of Care for their technology. 

Odelle Technology also provides clinical reimbursement services for inpatient and outpatient medical therapeutics through national and regional HTAs. Moreover, Odelle helps clients secure their reimbursement through innovative routes available in the EU and UK.

With projects covering a wide range of innovations you can trust us to do exactly what you need.
We speak the language. We know the systems. We have the experience and successes to prove it.

Our clients

Our achievements

Health Technology Assessment dossiers were submitted and approved, leading to final national reimbursement for medical technology
New National Guidelines were established
as a result of HTA submissions
New DRG Groups created
across the EU
New Outpatient Tariffs created across the EU

In collaboration with EU and UK Medical Societies we have facilitated new Diagnostic Related Groups in the following countries:

Austria Leistungsorientierte Krankenanstaltenfinanzierung (LKF), England: Healthcare Resource Groups (HRG), Finland: Nordic Diagnosis Related Groups (NordDRG), France: Groupes homogènes de malades (GHM), Germany: G-DRG (German DRG), The Netherlands: Diagnose Behandeling Combinaties (DBC), Sweden: NordDRG (Nordic DRG), Belgium APR-DRG, Denmark IT-DRG,Norway DRG (Innsatsstyrt finansiering), Switzerland – Swiss DRG AG

In collaboration with EU and UK Medical Societies and Patient Representative Organisations we developed Outpatient codes in :

France, Classification Commune des Actes Médicaux (CCAM), Germany,Einheitlicher Bewertungsmaßstab (EBM), Italy, Nomenclatore Tariffario, Spain,  Catálogo de Procedimientos, the Netherlands, Diagnose Behandeling Combinatie (DBC), Sweden, the Klassifikation av hälso- och sjukvårdsåtgärder (KVÅ), Poland,Jednolity Plik Rozliczeniowy (JPR), Greece, Κατάλογος Παροχών Υγείας (KPY),Belgium,  Nomenclature of Medical Benefits (NOMENCL),  Denmark, the Danish Health Data Authority (DHDA) uses the Danish Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) system, which is a patient classification system based on diagnoses, procedures, and other factors, Finland, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) uses the Nordic DRG system, which is a common version of the DRG system used by Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland.

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