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Odelle Technology is a consultancy firm specialising in Market Access, adoption, and reimbursement within the Medical Device and MedTech industry across Europe.

About Odelle Technology

Odelle Technology is an established consultancy dedicated to helping MedTech, Biotech and Diagnostics businesses navigate the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe to secure the adoption and reimbursement of their technology. Our professional team has over 95 years of combined experience in the healthcare sector, using their knowledge and skills to deliver an exceptional service to clients in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

We pride ourselves on our prosperous track record, having successfully submitted 112 Health Technology Assessments and the successful adoption of 66 National Guidelines in the last 15 years. We have supported a large number of clients through the development and launch of their technology, helping them gain access to local and national markets and securing National Standards of Care for their technology.

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