Health Economics Outcome Research (HEOR)

Understanding the economic impact of healthcare interventions is crucial for making informed decisions and optimising resource allocation. At Odelle Technology, we provide comprehensive health economics research services to support healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and policymakers in generating evidence and insights to inform healthcare decision-making.

Our team of experienced health economists, data analysts, and researchers is dedicated to conducting rigorous and insightful health economics studies. We offer a range of services designed to evaluate the economic value, cost-effectiveness, and affordability of healthcare interventions.

Here’s how our services can benefit you:

  • Budget Impact Modelling & Analysis: Our team performs budget impact analyses to estimate the financial implications of adopting new healthcare interventions. By quantifying the potential costs associated with implementing a new intervention within a healthcare system, we help stakeholders understand the financial impact and plan resource allocation accordingly.

  • Value-Based Pricing and Market Access: We support medical device manufacturers in developing value-based pricing strategies and navigating the market access landscape. Our experts assess the value proposition of healthcare interventions, conduct health technology assessments (HTAs), and provide strategic guidance to optimise pricing and market access.

  • Health Policy and Decision Support: We assist policymakers, healthcare organisations, and payers in making informed decisions by providing evidence-based insights and policy recommendations. Our team conducts health economics research to evaluate the impact of different policy interventions, assess reimbursement and coverage policies, and support healthcare resource allocation decisions.

Odelle Technology assists with a value proposition, a price setting methodology, to attain better coverage, quality, financial protection, and health outcomes. We build on newly commissioned case studies and lessons learned in calculating prices, negotiating with providers, and monitoring changes. Recognising that no single model is applicable to all settings, working with commissioners and C-suites to generate best practices and identify areas for future research.

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With over 65 years combined experience, we have a long track record of delivering timely solutions for our clients.

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