Private Health Insurance Approval

Securing approval from private health insurance companies is a critical step in ensuring access to quality healthcare services for individuals and families. At Odelle Technology, we provide comprehensive services to support medtech and biotech companies in navigating the private health insurance approval process.

We understand the complexities of private health insurance and the unique requirements of different insurance companies. We offer a range of services designed to streamline the approval process and increase your chances of obtaining private health insurance approval for your technology.

What is Clinical Coding?

Here’s how our services can benefit you:

  • Reimbursement Strategy Development: Developing a comprehensive reimbursement strategy is crucial for obtaining private health insurance approval. We assist you in formulating a tailored strategy that highlights the clinical and economic value of your medical technology. Our experts guide you in identifying the appropriate reimbursement codes, providing supporting evidence, and navigating the complex coding and billing requirements. 
  • Payer Engagement and Negotiation: Building relationships with insurance companies is essential for successful private health insurance approval. We help you engage with payers, presenting the value proposition of your medical technology, addressing any concerns, and negotiating coverage terms. Our team utilises its industry expertise and relationships to advocate for the inclusion of your technology in payer formularies. 
  • Market Access Expansion: As your medical technology gains traction in the market, expanding access to additional insurance plans becomes essential. We assist you in expanding your market access by identifying and pursuing opportunities with new insurance providers. Our team leverages its knowledge of payer requirements and market dynamics to support your efforts in securing coverage from multiple private health insurance companies. 

Using prices as instruments to promote value for health spending in the Independent Healthcare Sector, we utilise strong professional associations in each country for price negotiations with all major National and Pan European health insurers.

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With over 65 years combined experience, we have a long track record of delivering timely solutions for our clients.

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