Data Driven Mathematical & Statistical Models

Every company has access to a huge amount of data; sales data, customer data, competitor data, market data – the list is endless.

But how can it be used to make it valuable data?

Data can be one of the most powerful tools for directing a business and making important decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. It can identify issues, predict performance, highlight behaviours and focus minds on best practice.


Using data correctly and consistently can be a complex and costly affair. Often data is captured in lengthy lists, databases and spreadsheets. It can be dry, unexciting and not engaging to most, and impossible to interrogate for many. It is also true that the most valuable intelligence can’t be gained from simple linear data or traditional single sources.


Most off the shelf data presentation packages are old fashioned, restrictive and expensive. They are time consuming to set up, often use proprietary software and act only as a display tool, parroting the data they hold verbatim.


Because of their generic nature, off the shelf data presentation packages cannot react quickly to changes in the market, product lifecycle or company needs. They can’t be used to answer tactical questions or help direct short term queries. This means they are often consigned to be confirmation tools, used to show historic performance rather than predict or advise future direction.

Getting the most from your data

To truly get the most out of your valuable data and to ensure your business is acting and reacting correctly, you need business insights. This is analytics and intelligence support that understands your industry, experience of your therapy areas, knows your data and, most importantly, has in-depth expertise in creating bespoke data models, dashboards and presentation tools that answer your specific needs.


Odelle Technology have partnered to provide you access to over 25 years’ experience of building data driven mathematical and statistical models that take multiple, disparate data sources and turn them into actionable analysis. These models have helped over 30 Biotech, Pharma and Healthcare companies convert one dimensional data into living, three dimensional intelligence that enabled them to make the correct business decisions in a timely manner.

Our approach is simple

We listen to your needs and your desired outcome. We get an understanding of what makes you and your situation unique. We use the data you already have, along with any supplementary sources that could complement it. We make proposals based on all this along with the vast experience within the team, so that you not only get the one-off model you want but also the features you didn’t know you needed or could even have.


We use expertise in statistics and mathematical modelling along with our real-world experience to produce dynamic analysis that generates genuine intelligence, robust forecasts that can incentivise staff, targeting that enables you to get more from less, segmentation that directs the right message to the right customer, databases that allow accurate record retention, or launch scenario planning that ensures you start as you mean to go on.


Everything is built in Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic as it is a tool that requires no subscriptions, no maintenance and no IT approval to use. It is also a tool that lends itself to the size of data sources commonly used in most projects, enables quick development and amendment, and is cheap to use.


We can take our tools to the next level, making them user-friendly, intuitive, interactive and exciting, which encourages repeat usage by offering you valuable information at your fingertips.


Our small, experienced and dynamic team can build these tools in as little as 4 weeks, so if you have an immediate need we can help. You don’t need to experience the delays that traditional, larger companies can provide.


This is the perfect value for money solution to your short term or tactical question.

Remember, 80% of our clients are repeat customers for a reason.

To find out more and discuss your project, please contact us.


With over 65 years combined experience, we have a long track record of delivering timely solutions for our clients.

Our clients

Since our establishment, we have worked with a number of industry-leading clients, working to provide an efficient, successful service that delivers the best possible results for you. Some of these clients include:

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