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Odelle Technology is committed to providing a wide range of consultancy services to clients in the Medical Device and MedTech industry based in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. Working closely with you throughout every stage of your project’s life cycle, Odelle Technology can help you demonstrate real, practical benefits for patients, hospitals, and buyers based on accurate scientific evidence and trial results. Our team will work with you to develop a robust and compelling business plan designed to attract the right stakeholders and critical decision-makers, ensuring the success of your product.

Using our unique methodology and extensive network of industry-leading contacts, we will help you obtain National Guideline approval and support you throughout the adoption, reimbursement, and launch process. Our team can also assist you with the design and implementation of your local and national market access strategy, and provide ongoing support where necessary.

What we do

Market Access

As part of our specialist services, we put your technology in front of decision-makers. We will network with all the right people on your behalf, while developing the setup of highly effective Risk Share Agreements and Market Access plans.

National Guidelines

Securing National Standard adoption is critical in launching your technology. With our knowledge of all the European healthcare systems, we will help you create the best possible case to ensure your technology becomes a National Standard of Care.


Odelle Technology can secure the success of your innovation by obtaining reimbursement in respective National Health Services, as well as private healthcare insurers across Europe.

Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support to guarantee the continued success of your technology following adoption. This includes the development of opportunities across European Clinical Commissioning Organisations and with Key Opinion Leaders.

Clinical Reimbursement Settlement
We customise reimbursement coding and tariff maps for digital, Pharma, Biotech and MedTech while providing the evidence and reimbursement strategy opportunities. We work with all European Medical Societies and their surrogates for dossier success.
Health Technology Assessment Engagement
We have had success in optimising European Health Technology Assessment Organisations through their direct decision-makers that capture the benefits of new technologies, overcome uncertainties and recognize the value of an innovation, in order to facilitate adoption and / or reimbursement.
Market Access Strategy via Regional European Commissioners
We offer a wide range of support and services to market access and HEOR teams from global to local level, including evidence and market access strategy development, the generation and assimilation of evidence, with clinical commissioners and local payers and other stakeholders.
Private Health Insurance Approval
Using prices as instruments to promote value for health spending in the Independent Healthcare Sector. We utilise strong professional associations in each country for price negotiations with all Major National and Pan European Health Insurer.
Value Pricing with National Governments
Odelle Value Proposition is a price setting methodology to attain better coverage, quality, financial protection, and health outcomes. It builds on newly commissioned case studies and lessons learned in calculating prices, negotiating with providers, and monitoring changes. Recognizing that no single model is applicable to all settings, working with commissioners and C suites to generate best practices and identify areas for future research.
Patient Pathway Reformation
We facilitate the collective alignment within a regiona or a National Health Care Director on the importance of experimenting innovative organizational models based on needs of patient flow logistics. Odelle facilitates strategic workshops with top managers, physicians nurses organised, with the participation of representatives from regional authorities.
Interviews with National C-Suite and Commissioners
The goal is to influence a broader discussion instead of a myopic silo perspective as healthcare commissioning has become regional in Europe through Covid.
HEOR Modelling
Learning through collaboration with Odelle and our partners we can qualitatively and quantitatively exchange real world experience that help to overcome those institutional and capacity barriers that often hinder implementation.

Odelle turns marketplace complexity into certainty

Our clients

Since our establishment, we have worked with a number of industry-leading clients, working to provide an efficient, successful service that delivers the best possible results for you. Some of these clients include:

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