Podcast with Dr Mark Mason, Medical Director Heart, Lung & Critical Care Clinical Group at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

In this podcast Dr Mark Mason talks to us about his professional background and how he has built his impressive career within Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He highlights some of the amazing research work that is taking place within the Trust, including cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, the extensive research profile the Trust has in arrythmias, and his perceptions of how AI is influencing the use of technology in healthcare. 

Podcast with Andrew Davies, Digital Health Lead at ABHI

Andrew Davies joins us to discuss his role within the ABHI (Association of British HealthTech Industries) and how this member organisation works to support the healthtech industry He talks about their priorities, which include data, reimbursement, and regulation. 

Podcast with Manuel Bardiès, Director of Research at INSERM

We are delighted to welcome Manuel Bardiès to our podcast. Manuel is the Director of Research at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) working in the Montpelier Institute of Cancer Research. Manuel describes his professional background, his expertise with internal dosimetry, and the amazing work that he is involved in within INSERM. 

Podcast with Iacob Mathiesen, CSO at Otivio & Chairman of Norway Health Tech

Iacob Mathiesen is the inspirational CSO of Otivio and Chairman of Norway Health Tech. In this podcast he tells us about Otivio’s growth and how their technology, Flowox, is alleviating discomfort for people with peripheral arterial disease by improving blood flow. Iacob also talks about some of the other wonderful patient groups that are unexpectedly benefiting from the technology. 

Podcast with Dr Mark Lomax from PEP Health

Dr Mark Lomax is the CEO of PEP Health. In this podcast he describes how PEP Health are working to improve the patient experience in healthcare around the world, and how their Patient Experience Platform can really democratise the patient voice, providing more meaningful patient experience data for healthcare.

Podcast with David Lawson - Director of Medical Technology at Department of Health & Social Care UK

David Lawson describes his role as the Director of Medical Technology at the Department of Health & Social Care in the UK and how being the Policy Lead is enabling him to drive forward opportunities for the UK to get the best from medical technology and become the ‘go to’ location for new innovation.

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