Podcast with Dr Ameera Patel – CEO of Tidalsense

Dr Ameera Patel, CEO of Tidalsense, joins us for this podcast. She is an entrepreneur and medical doctor with a PhD in applied mathematics / computational neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. After a period of working in the NHS, she was approached to join Microsoft Research’s Healthcare AI team. She has invented internationally-adopted signal engineering methods, and built / commercialised healthcare infrastructure software to manage terabytes of medical imaging data as a founder of Naitive Technologies. As CEO of Tidalsense, she continues to be responsible for overall software and AI technical leadership. 
In this podcast, Dr Patel discusses the new sensor technology that Tidalsense has developed, N-Tidal Capture™, which is a CE-marked, remote patient monitoring solution for obstructive airway conditions (such as asthma and COPD), providing clinicians with real-time access to N-Tidal obstructive airway biomarkers via our clinical dashboard. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Professor Scott Bell, CEO of TRI (Translational Research Institute)

Professor Bell, based at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane in Queensland, joins us for this podcast.

He explains the benefits and development of translational research and its role in taking discovery science diagnostics through its pathway towards clinical practice. We also speak to him about his involvement in many successful and interesting programmes that are currently active within the TRI and the focus they have on translating novel discoveries into novel diagnostics, therapeutics or devices.

In addition to his role at TRI, Professor Bell is also a Senior Thoracic Physician at the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Centre at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane where he has worked since 1996 as a leading clinician and researcher in Cystic Fibrosis.  Between 1996 and 2015 he was a Director at the Centre. As part of this role he is also Editor-in Chief of the journal of Cystic Fibrosis. As a Clinician Scientist he also leads the Lung Bacteria Laboratory at The University of Queensland.

Podcast with John Meredith - Assistant Chief Architect / Head of Applications Design for Digital Health and Care Wales, and as Director for openEHR

John Meredith joins us to discuss his career and his current roles as Assistant Chief Architect / Head of Applications Design for Digital Health and Care Wales, and as Director for openEHR. 
openEHR is a non‑profit organisation that publishes technical standards for an EHR (electronic health record) platform along with domain‑developed clinical models to define content. The principal architectural concepts include the lifelong, patient‑centric shared health record, future‑proof data and clinical process support.  John shares his experiences and how openEHR is striving to ensure that healthcare routinely benefits from ICT, particularly life-long patient-centric EHRs, computable health data, along with balancing privacy and information sharing. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Nicolas Bégin - Chief Operating Officer at CUREETY

Nicolas Bégin joins us in this podcast to talk about his professional background and how he became Chief Operating Officer at CUREETY, a French company specialising in the remote monitoring of patients with cancer. CUREETY have developed a certified medical device that uses a clinical specification algorithm to analsye patient responses and assess risk levels – improving patient care, simplifying clinical workflows and collecting new data for researchers. He describes how the technology works, the impacts that the remote monitoring technology has already had on hospitals and patient numbers. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Ángel Alberich-Bayarri – Co-Founder & CEO of Quibim

Ángel Alberich-Bayarri, the CEO and co-founder of Quibim, joins us for the podcast to discuss his professional background and how he founded the company. With 15 years of experience in the field of medical imaging and computer vision, he possesses deep knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in diagnostics and drug development. 
Quibim is a global company specialising in designing and developing cutting-edge tools that merge advanced medical image analysis and AI to achieve more precise diagnoses and suitable treatments. Their recent solutions have focused on cancer detection and prediction. Within the podcast Ángel describes the products, what they do and the benefits to patients. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Dr Christopher McKee PhD– Managing Director, Better Medicine

Chris McKee joins us to talk about his role with Better Medicine, an Estonian company responsible for one of the world’s highly advanced e-digital, e-health eco systems. 

Chris is an experienced professional in health and life science innovation and has successfully led cross-functional teams to implement cutting-edge technologies, digital solutions, and novel therapies. His expertise lies in leveraging data-driven insights, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics to unlock new possibilities in healthcare delivery, precision medicine, and biomedical research. 

In this podcast, Chris explains how artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being used in diagnostic imaging in Radiology and Oncology and how this is being approached and developed by Better Medicine. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Pilar Rubio - Principal Healthtech, Business Development Executive & Consultant – CRSI, Investor Ladder & ClimbUK

Pilar Rubio joins us to describe her role as Principal Healthtech, Business Development Executive & Consultant for CRSI, Investor Ladder & ClimbUK. CRSI are a UK leading consultancy for high growth, investor backed businesses, and work with young, ambitious businesses to help them build their elite teams. She describes how Investor Ladder brings together individuals from industry, innovation and investment to discuss challenges, opportunities and high-quality deal flow, and help international investors navigate the UK ecosystems through collaborations and partnerships. Within the podcast, Pilar explains the companies and provides examples of how they have supported innovation. 

To help bring innovation, industry and investors together, Pilar talks about the annual ClimbUK event, this year on 5-6 June 2024 in Leeds (UK), which links the founders leading the world’s innovation with the people who will drive and inspire them to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Mark Larkin PhD – Founder & CEO of Vitaccess

Mark Larkin joins us to discuss his professional background and career, and how he built Vitaccess, a digital health and real-world evidence company that combines technology and patient-centered science to deliver real-world research. He is surrounded by a team of health economists, researchers, eClinical health experts, data scientists, software developers, linguists, and medical writers, all committed to insightful digital research. Mark describes some examples of the projects they have worked with, challenges within the health industry around data and reporting, and how Vitaccess is working to combat them. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

John Klepper - Co-founder and CEO of PIPRA & Mitja-Alexander Linss - Head of Marketing at Karger Publishers

Mitja-Alexander Linss from Karger Publishers and John Klepper from PIPRA talk to us in this podcast. Mitja is the Head of Marketing for Karger Publishers, a company working to connect and advance health sciences by creating services and products that support healthcare professionals and patients at every step, providing accessible healthcare education to everyone. He describes the Vesalius Innovation Award that Karger Publishers has awarded to PIPRA, recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in medical innovation. The award provides great exposure for applicants and a possibility to bring their ideas to the next level. 

John Klepper, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at PIPRA describes how the company empower hospitals with technology, support and data-driven decision making to prevent delirium. With more than 20% of patients aged over 60 suffering from postoperative delirium (POD) after surgery, PIPRA works to make this preventable by non-pharmacological interventions for those at risk. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Professor Gordon Wishart – Founder & Medical Officer of check4cancer

We talk to Professor Gordon Wishart about his award-winning tech-enabled UK early cancer detection company that provides cancer screening, diagnostics and genetics to insured, corporate and self-pay markets.  

Professor Wishart is the Visiting Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglia Ruskin University and former (2005-2010) Director of the Cambridge Breast Unit. He has a strong track record in clinical research and innovation, with more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. In 2010 he led a team of clinicians and scientists that developed the PREDICT breast cancer treatment and survival model, now used worldwide.  

Our podcast discusses the progression of Cancer detection and how patients are benefitting from innovative early detection systems. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Megan Morys-Carter – Director of Digital Innovation at TheHill & Oxford University Hospitals

Megan Morys-Carter explains her professional background and how she became the Director of Digital Innovation within Oxford University Hospitals, managing TheHill. Embedded within Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, TheHill is an innovation catalyst, empowering innovation in health and care by supporting new approaches which seek to make the NHS more efficient and effective, empower staff and benefit patients. Megan describes the programmes TheHill provides, including the NHS Market Access Accelerator programme and how this supports start-ups to navigate the standards required within the NHS.  Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Dr. Martin Steinhart – Co-Chief Executive Officer of AOP Health

Dr. Martin Steinhart joins us to discuss his professional background and his role as Co-Chief Executive of AOP Health. He describes the company and how they are a European pioneer for integrated therapies for rare diseases and critical care. Dr. Steinhart explains how AOP Health reinvests in research and development, and how they are an innovative front-runner in the development of effective therapies and drugs for rare diseases and critical care in order to fully understand the needs of patients and physicians. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Assaf Barnea - Managing Partner Sanara Capital & Sanara Ventures

Assaf Barnea explains his extensive professional experience and how he came to be managing partner for Sanara Capital and Sanara Ventures. He describes how both companies support investment and promote and scale life science start-up companies out of Israel.  He talks about how Sanara works closely with the Israeli Innovation Authority, working to fund start-ups, and describes some excellent examples that have come from this support, as well as his experiences within the industry. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Stephen Towe - Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Leo Cancer Care

Stephen Towe describes his professional background and how he became the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leo Cancer Care. He talks about the challenges with current radiotherapy technology and explains the inspiration behind their state of the art, upright radiotherapy solutions, and the huge benefits the technology is providing to healthcare teams and patients. During the podcasts he provides interesting examples and perspective. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Professor Sam Shah – Chief Medical Strategy Officer at Numan

Professor Sam Shah explains his role as Chief Medical Strategy Officer for Numan, an online men’s health company providing healthcare and health technology, treating people for conditions where they might struggle to access services elsewhere and for health concerns where there’s stigma attached, or for things where people may prefer a digital model over physically seeing somebody. Sam describes case studies that he has been involved in, including NHS 111 Online. He talks about some of the challenges for healthcare systems, insights into health technology and the collection and use of patient data, and some of the differences in pharma and digital health technologies. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Vee Mapunde - Programme Director for NIHR Surgical MedTech Cooperative

Vee Mapunde talks about her professional background and how her experiences led her to become the Programme Director for NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative. She describes how it is one of eleven Medtech and In vitro diagnostics Co-operatives (MICs) funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) to act as a centre of expertise that focuses on clinical areas of high morbidity and unmet need for NHS patients. Vee provides interesting examples of the work the co-operative is and has been involved in. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Tara Donnelly – Founder of Digital Care

Tara Donnelly, Founder of Digital Care, describes her professional background and her inspiration behind the company, which is a boutique advisory firm that supports clients in the NHS and digital health innovators scale digital care, with a particular emphasis on digital home care. Within the podcast, Tara talks about her passion for advancing digital home care and provides examples of where the company has been involved in supporting pivotal projects, including with Doccla, a leading provider of virtual wards and clinical monitoring across the NHS. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Yann Masson – Life Sciences & Sport Expert at Choose Paris Region

Yann Masson joins us to discuss Choose Paris Region, Paris region’s international attractiveness agency, which promotes the region’s influence on the international stage, and provides a high-quality welcome and services to investors, visitors and talent from all over the world, while ensuring the Region’s sustainable and balanced development. Within the podcast, Yann provides some great examples of how Choose Paris Region provides support and personalised services for organisations wishing to set up in Paris, and how they help to navigate the French tax systems. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Michael Wagels - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon in Australia

Dr Michael Wagels describes his professional background and his current role as a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, Australia. He explains his draw to complex reconstructive problems, his research and clinical work in bone defects, and the amazing work that he has been involved in for the last 15 years producing medical devices in materials that are bioresorbable. Michael also discusses two key organisations, ACCISS, based at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and HBI (the Herston Biofabrication Institute) based at the Herston Health Precinct with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital as the flagship healthcare institution on the Precinct campus. HBI is the first institute of its kind – advancing knowledge and technology in 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing of medical devices, bone, cartilage and human tissue. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Richard Jones – President & Chief Strategy Officer at Copeland Clinic Ai (C2-Ai)

Richard Jones describes his extensive professional background and how he became the President & Chief Strategy Officer at Copeland Clinic Ai (C2-Ai). He explains how Copeland Clinical Ai, has developed, tested, and proven unique clinical Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed systems that help hospitals and health systems worldwide demonstrably reduce avoidable harm, mortality, and cost. He talks about how the system risk adjusts for each patient and provides hospitals with the ability to see up to 90% more harm than their current systems, along with identifying which hospitals and specialists are doing well, where hospitals have issues with mortality and complications, the causes and economic impact, and how to resolve the issues and avoid future harm. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Søren Bregenholt - Chief Executive Officer at Alligator Bioscience

Søren Bregenholt describes his professional career and how it led to him become the Chief Executive Officer at Alligator Bioscience, a research-based biotechnology company developing antibody-based pharmaceuticals for cancer treatment. He explains how the company specialises in the development of tumour-directed immunotherapies, in particular agonistic mono- and bispecific antibodies. During the podcast Søren shares his knowledge and experience about the options currently available for treatments and the work Alligator are doing in developing other drug options. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Dr Poonan Malik & Dr Stuart Hannah from Microplate Dx

Within this podcast, Dr Poonan Malik, Chair of the Board & Founder Board Member, and Dr Stuart Hannah, CEO of Microplate Dx Ltd describe their professional backgrounds and how they became involved in the company. They explain the origins of Microplate Dx and how it offers a true solution for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST), supporting the fight against antimicrobial resistance.  

Podcast with Ralph Hughes - Vice President of PharmaVentures

Ralph explains how his previous professional experience has brought him to Vice President of PharmaVentures, a transaction advisory company and an international company in partnering, M&A deals and strategic alliances.  He describes the most important aspects when considering smaller companies wishing to be brought out by larger pharmaceutical companies, or who want to out-license or partner their IP. Ralph also talks about what to consider during merger and acquisitions deals, and how PharmaVentures support these. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Ketil Widerberg - General Manager of the Oslo Cancer Cluster

Ketil Widerberg describes his professional background and how he became the General Manager of the Oslo Cancer Cluster. A not-for-profit organisation, the Oslo Cancer Cluster is an oncology research and industry cluster dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and treatments. During the podcast, Ketil explains how the organisation currently works to support around 100 companies, where membership enables start-up companies to use excellent lab and office facilities, build strong networks, develop learning, and meet investors. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Simon Mifsud – CEO of Garland Surgical Ltd

Simon Mifsud describes his past career within orthopaedics and how it brought him to his current position as CEO of Garland Surgical, an NLC Health venture. He describes the company and his motivation to become CEO. Working closely with the developers at University of Malta and experts at the University of Leeds they are developing this innovative, novel approach to total hip replacements, which aims to provide patients with a hip for life. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Dr Dylan Attard - Conference CEO & Co-Founder of Med-Tech World

Dr Dylan Attard describes his professional career and the inspiration behind co-founding the Med-Tech World Summit incorporating healthcare. He explains how successful the conferences have been over the past 3 years with start-up CEOs having the opportunity to pitch and connect with investors from across the world. The events, a series culminating in a flagship Malta conference show, feature prominent leaders, innovators, and professionals from the field of med-tech and digital health. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Jonathan Gifford & Catherine Richards Golini – Karger Publishers

Jonathan Gifford, Manager of Medical Education & Healthcare Publications and Catherine Richards Golini, Editor of Healthcare Publications join us from Karger Publishers. They share how Karger Publishers are working to connect and advance health sciences by creating services and products that support healthcare professionals and patients at every step, providing accessible healthcare education to everyone. Jonathan and Catherine discuss some of the main challenges of rare diseases for patients and healthcare professionals alike, what patient-centred should really mean, how important communication, education and awareness are, and the importance of reputable materials. Watch the podcast to find out more. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Paul S. Weston – Director of Eppaoa

Paul S. Weston describes his career within digital health, and the experiences that led him to founding his consultancy, Eppaoa.  He explains how Eppaoa works to empower organisations in the HealthTech industry by looking at the global demand for digital health tools and really understanding the assurance layers beneath.  With the aim of transforming digital health worldwide, he talks about how they support organisations to achieve long term success by innovating, collaborating and empowering them. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Professor Nick James – Professor of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research – The Institute of Cancer Research & The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Frust

Nick James, Professor of Prostate and Bladder Cancer Research, describes his professional career and how he balances clinical work at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust with his research work within the Institute of Cancer Research. Professor James explains some of his inspirations and most prominent achievements, including the ‘Man Van’ – a mobile health unit that moved around the West Midlands, empowering men to talk about their health and providing essential health checks to areas of high deprivation and high ethnic minority populations. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Matthew Mace – Chief Scientific Officer at Acorai

Matthew Mace, Chief Scientific Officer at Acorai describes his professional background and his current role within the company. He explains how Acorai are developing a standalone handheld device that can check intracardiac pressure using a non-invasive method, and their aims to make it available to outpatient clinics, then directly to patients in the future. Matthew tells us how the technology works non-invasively and how it is superior to technology on the market currently. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Ana Ribeiro - AI Transformation Lead at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Ana Ribeiro, AI Transformation Lead at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, describes her background in imaging and how she moved into research, then leadership and management within research. She explains the AI Imaging Hub within The Royal Marsden and the cancer research that takes place, as well as some of the major projects that are in progress with influential partners.  Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Nahum Ferera - CEO & Co-Founder of EyeYon Medical

Nahum Ferera, CEO & Co-Founder of EyeYon Medical, describes his career and the origins of EyeYon Medical.  He explains how the company has developed a contact lens that acts as a drug depot, and their flagship technology, EndoArt®, which is a definitive solution for corneal edema. Nahum talks about the successes of the company, the breakthroughs and the upcoming exciting opportunities. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Marcel Gehrung – CEO and Co-founder of Cyted Ltd

Marcel Gehrung, CEO and Co-founder of Cyted Ltd, joins us to describe his career and how this led into the formation of Cyted Ltd. He talks about some of the exciting projects that Cyted have been involved in including the Heartburn Health Check system, which is an early detection tool working with the NHS to identify Barrett’s esophagus and Oesophageal cancer in patients. He talks about some of the upcoming work, including next generation biomarkers due out in 2024. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Dr Lennard YW Lee - Associate Prof at University of Oxford & NHS Oncology Consultant

Professor Lennard YW Lee joins us to describe his professional career within cancer research and the benefits of being a clinical academic. He touches on the project for the cancer vaccine programme, and explains, thanks to the swift movements during COVID, how there is much confidence in the UK to bring technologies rapidly through testing and out the other side into routine clinical care. Lennard talks about being one of the founders of the UK COVID cancer programme, and his involvement in implementing the lateral flow tests within the UK. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Yann Le Cam – Chief Executive Officer at EURORDIS

Yann Le Cam, Chief Executive Officer at EURORDIS talks about his interesting career prior to EURORDIS and his inspiration for working within the area of rare diseases. He describes the journey that EURORDIS has taken from its inception in 1997 and how today they empower, partner, and advocate for people living with a rare disease in Europe. With over 1,000 members across Europe, national alliances in over 35 countries and with links to more than 70 European and International federations for rare diseases, EURORDIS has established a powerful network. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Professor Marcela Votruba – Professor of Ophthalmology & Consultant Ophthalmologist at University Hospital Wales

Professor Marcela Votruba describes her career as a consultant ophthalmologist and within the field of ophthalmic genetics, including her particular area of interest in optic neuropathies, or diseases of the optic nerve. She talks about the work within the All Wales Ophthalmic Generic Service, bringing together all ophthalmic genetic patients to provide expertise from professionals working together.  And about the research that has been undertaken and continues into rare diseases in the eye. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Andrew Raynes - Chief Information Officer at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS FT

Andrew Raynes joins us to talk about his long career within Healthcare IT and now as the Director of Digital and Chief Information Officer at Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He describes some of the great digital improvements that have been made within the hospital and how those are having a positive impact on both the patient and staff experience and their safety. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Professor Luc Soler – President of Visible Patient

Professor Luc Soler joins our podcast to talk about the origins of Visible Patient and how it came to be the company it is today. He describes how the software, the first online laboratory for 3D modelling of medical images, is being used in 16 counties and more than 120 hospitals to provide interactive 3D imaging of the patient to surgeons. Professor Soler provides some examples of the images within his podcast, which demonstrate how effective this software is for medical professionals. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Dr DJ Hamblin Brown - CEO & Clinical Safety Officer at CAREFUL Systems Ltd

DJ Hamblin-Brown, CEO & Clinical Safety Officer at CAREFUL Systems Ltd, describes how he started CAREFUL, and the inspiration and experiences that have motivated him to create such an effective handover system.  CAREFUL is a task and chat based real-time clinical collaboration platform that helps to answer the patient care questions of What’s happening now? What needs to happen next? And Who is responsible?  He provides some excellent examples of how the system is being used and the benefits it is having in helping clinical colleagues collaborate more easily, quickly and effectively. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Simon Tarry – Managing Director, SVP UK, Ireland & Nordics at Smith & Nephew

Simon Tarry describes his experience over the past 7 years as the Managing Director for UK, Ireland & Nordics within Smith & Nephew, working across a number of markets and countries. He explains how his past work experiences and businesses have helped to broaden his business knowledge, enabling him to build a successful team that thrived throughout COVID. Simon goes on to speak about some of the key devices that Smith and Nephew offer customers and how these have benefited the healthcare industry, and the improvements he has been working on for the wound management part of the business. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Alice Montgomery-Reed – Head of Future NHS

Alice Montgomery-Reed, Head of Future NHS,  joins us to talk about Future NHS and the amazing support it has provided hundreds of thousands of NHS employees over the past X years. She describes how it supported the NHS during COVID and the work that goes into making it an incredible virtual collaboration platform within the NHS. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Liz Ashall-Payne – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORCHA

Liz Ashall-Payne, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ORCHA, joins our podcast to talk about the inspiration for The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA). She describes the journey it has taken and how it provides the core infrastructure that overcomes barriers such as adoption, access and governance, of digital health technologies available in the World.  Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Dr. Alexander Natz - Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE)

Dr. Alexander Natz joins our podcast to talk about EUCOPE, his role within the organisation, and how they are involved in discussions with the European Medicines Agency and the European Commission about how EUCOPE believe legislation should look in years to come. He discusses how legislative changes have affected pharmaceutical companies in Europe and US over the past few years, the impacts of the clinical trial legislation on pharmaceutical research in Europe and provides his opinion of how to get the best from innovative payment methods. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Fiona Booth - Head of External Affairs & Stakeholder Engagement at Healthcode

Fiona talks about her role within Healthcode and describes the company’s position within the private healthcare sector providing IT solutions, including the clearing service and medical billing for private hospitals. Fiona highlights the Private Practice Register (PPR) and the ePractice practice management system developed by Healthcode, and introduces the new eBooking system that Healthcode is launching in 2023.  Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Andrew A. Gumbs – Editor-in-Chief Artificial Intelligence Surgery, Minimally Invasive Robotic Hepatic Pancreatic and Biliary Surgeon, & Director of the Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Excellence at the American Hospital of Tblisi

Andrew A. Gumbs joins us to discuss his past experiences as a minimally invasive robotic hepatic pancreatic and biliary surgeon, as well as his more recent involvement with Artificial Intelligence Surgery, an Ai journal which focuses on computer interfaces and the art of surgery. He describes his medical experiences working in different countries, his passion for hand-held robotics, and his eagerness to take on his most recent role as Director of the Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Excellence at the American Hospital of Tblisi. Watch the podcast to find out more.

John E. Milad – Partner at Downing LLP & Co-Head of the Healthcare Ventures Team

John E. Milad, Partner at Downing LLP & Co-Head of the Healthcare Ventures Team, speaks about his extensive experiences of being a venture capitalist and of working within venture backed start ups,providing not only operational experience buy significant investment experience too. He describes his experiences within Quanta Dialysis Technologies, taking the technology from innovation stage to anaward winning second generation device. He’s now bringing this experience back to the industry and is currently working to create an institutional investment platform, focused on the healthcare space. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Mark Slack - Chief Medical Officer and Co Founder CMR Surgical

Mark Slack, the Chief Medical Officer and Co Founder of CMR Surgical, joins us for this podcast. Mark describes the fascinating journey that robotics has taken in surgery in the past 30 years, and continues to take, and how CMR Surgical was formed and the inspiration behind it. He talks about the improvements that have been made in precision and training using robotics and how this has provided the opportunity to collect, monitor and review data efficiently to ensure patient safety isresponsibly maintained.  Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Andreas Landsverk – Director of Partnerships and Chris McKee at Ledidi

Andreas Landsverk joins us from Ledidi for this podcast. Ledidi is a Norwegian software company working to solve the persistent issues of collaborating on health data for secondary uses like research, clinical auditing, and post market surveillance. Their solution levels the playing field for those working in data analytics and managing data, enabling people to communicate and collaborate more easily. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with David Fitzgerald - Divisional Director of Operations - Specialist Medicine at Royal London and Mile End Hospitals

David Fitzgerald is the Divisional Director of Operations – Specialist Medicine at Royal London and Mile End Hospitals. Within this podcast David talks about his background in the field of medical imaging, cancer services and now within specialist medicine at Barts Health (NHS). He describes the innovative work that has been taking place within the Trust, including their project to build an Independent Therapy Centre to centralise the training for dialysis, offer a young adult (16-25 year olds) facility for haemodialysis, and provide a ‘home away from home’ dialysis. Watch the podcast to find out more. 

Podcast with Dr. D J Wright, Director of Research & Innovation at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital

Dr. Wright joins us to discuss his role and experience within Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, the significant role the hospital plays in the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR), and their involvement in further studies, including an AI technology evaluation, that have led to some very positive and effective outcomes. 

Podcast with Dr Mark Mason, Medical Director Heart, Lung & Critical Care Clinical Group at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

In this podcast Dr Mark Mason talks to us about his professional background and how he has built his impressive career within Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He highlights some of the amazing research work that is taking place within the Trust, including cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, the extensive research profile the Trust has in arrythmias, and his perceptions of how AI is influencing the use of technology in healthcare. 

Podcast with Andrew Davies, Digital Health Lead at ABHI

Andrew Davies joins us to discuss his role within the ABHI (Association of British HealthTech Industries) and how this member organisation works to support the healthtech industry He talks about their priorities, which include data, reimbursement, and regulation. 

Podcast with Manuel Bardiès, Director of Research at INSERM

We are delighted to welcome Manuel Bardiès to our podcast. Manuel is the Director of Research at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) working in the Montpelier Institute of Cancer Research. Manuel describes his professional background, his expertise with internal dosimetry, and the amazing work that he is involved in within INSERM. 

Podcast with Iacob Mathiesen, CSO at Otivio & Chairman of Norway Health Tech

Iacob Mathiesen is the inspirational CSO of Otivio and Chairman of Norway Health Tech. In this podcast he tells us about Otivio’s growth and how their technology, Flowox, is alleviating discomfort for people with peripheral arterial disease by improving blood flow. Iacob also talks about some of the other wonderful patient groups that are unexpectedly benefiting from the technology. 

Podcast with Dr Mark Lomax from PEP Health

Dr Mark Lomax is the CEO of PEP Health. In this podcast he describes how PEP Health are working to improve the patient experience in healthcare around the world, and how their Patient Experience Platform can really democratise the patient voice, providing more meaningful patient experience data for healthcare.

Podcast with David Lawson - Director of Medical Technology at Department of Health & Social Care UK

David Lawson describes his role as the Director of Medical Technology at the Department of Health & Social Care in the UK and how being the Policy Lead is enabling him to drive forward opportunities for the UK to get the best from medical technology and become the ‘go to’ location for new innovation.

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