Why are we waiting?

by Odelle Technology

Institute for Public Policy Research report: NHS needs an additional £2.2bn a year until 2025/26 to tackle elective care backlog.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) highlight the significant backward step Covid-19 has caused for patient outcomes and the urgent need to recapture the trajectory of the Long-Term Plan. The report recommends a package of six changes to ‘build back better’:

  • A new deal to catalyse workforce recruitment and retention – including a pay rise.
  • Funding of the NHS to deliver and sustain transformation – with an estimated £2.2bn per year until 2025/26 required to tackle to elective care backlog and rising mental illness.
  • A shift to bottom-up integration through system-focused regulation, reformed financial incentives, and permissive legislation.
  • Upgrade the digital NHS – by providing internet access as a basic public service understanding patient preferences and investing in the NHS’ digital infrastructure.
  • A public health cabinet committee to coordinate policy functions across Whitehall, and greater devolution of funding and powers to local government to tackle the primary determinants of health.

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